We are a "new winery with old roots". New because there has been a lot since Doris come to the winery and our clear focus on the Veltliner variety has moved a lot.


And so we are with the old roots of our family estate. Leopold's grandfather August was the first winemaker in Hohenwarth who bottled wines. With his Grüner Veltliner "Herrenberg" and his Blauer Burgunder he was represented in the best restaurants of the country. We follow his example and continue his path.


History is also our house. A wonderful building from 1671 with really strong walls. We have successively restored the beautiful old substance and enjoy living and working in this ambience.


The joint effort, our different strengths and competencies and our passion for the wine give us energy and momentum for our work as a winegrower and winemaker. In the vineyard, in the cellar, in presentations and tastings and, of course, with our customers. Already Aristoteles knew: "joy at work makes the work excellently." In this sense, to your well-being!