Hohenwarth is located in the southwestern Weinviertel, near Vienna. Hohenwarth is a traditional-rich and historical wine village. Hohenwarth was first mentioned in documents in the year 1150. Here wine was already cultivated in the 10th century.


Our wines thrive in light sandy loess and loam soils and terraced gravel soil vineyards. These soils and the temperature differences between warm days and cool nights provide the basis of our distinctive white and red wines. Viticulture was on this ground to wine culture.


Poor gravel soils with a high containt of lime of the Ur-Danube and little precipitation make the vines deeply rooted. The Pannonian climate with warm days, cool nights and the steady winds of the Manhartsberg guarantee aromatic wines with fresh acidity and fine fruit. We know our locations very well and we know about the special features and challenges. And we make these layer characteristics tasteable in our wines.